REAL Durham

Who we are …

REAL Durham is an anti-poverty initiative housed under Durham Congregations in Action.  We leverage the power of relationships and access to combat poverty the East Durham neighborhood.

The folks involved consist of three main groups of people:  Leaders, Volunteers, and Allies.

A Leader is someone who is currently in material poverty who is looking to become financially stable. They have undergone training and are commited to working on their economic and life goals with the support of Allies

A Volunteer is someone who supports REAL Durham in ways other than being an Ally (i.e. providing meals, helping with childcare, serving on a Sustainability Committee, etc.)

An Ally is a someone with privilege, access, and/or resources who has undergone training and is committed to working in partnership with Leaders on economic and life goals

What we do …

We are creating opportunities for learning, relationships and activism that result in personal, professional, vocational, and social transformation.  To accomplish this REAL Durham provides the following:

  • Anti-Racism and Anti-Poverty Training and Education
  • Opportunities to Develop Transformational Relationships
  • Resourcing and Referrals to Organizations and Services
  • Financial and Personal Coaching
  • Opportunities for Advocacy and Activism
  • College Counseling for Our Youth
  • Financial Support for Continued Education and Crisis/Emergency Situations

To volunteer or for further information, please contact:

Rev. Dr. Aleese Moore-Orbih, Interim Director

Camryn Smith, Program Coordinator

Veronica Terry, Leadership Development & Childcare Coordinator

For further information, please visit:

Contributions to REAL Durham may be made by check or credit card as follows.

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